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Picture of Nadine Hinchliff

Nadine Hinchliff

Senior Occupational Therapist / Director

Vocational Rehabilitation

Nadine Hinchliff Therapy Services provides occupational therapy for clients who are currently experiencing prevention of participating in work because of injury or disability. Nadine Hinchliff and her staff have heavy industry experience and farming experience relevant to rural areas. Occupational Therapists can provide the following regarding vocational rehabilitation;

  • Analysis of job to provide a suitable and appropriate graded return to work.
  • Functional assessment and work capacity evaluations.
  • Support in order to make adjustments for activities of daily living, because of injury or disability.
  • Information  for employers and colleagues about ongoing support within the workplace.
  • Careers assessment, job searching, resume and interview skills training.
  • Study skills training and liaison with tertiary institutions to maximise return to study options and supports.
  • Case Management

Nadine Hinchliff Therapy Services provide both private vocational rehabilitation services and WorkCover Qld scheduled services under the Injury Treatment Group. Referrals for WorkCover Qld RTW services can be via the Injury Treatment Group Toowoomba Office.

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